‘Eyesore’ Girvan shop plans to re-open

A Girvan shop which has long been described as an ‘eyesore’ by residents and visitors for years is finally set to get a facelift.

The old Furniture Emporium in the town’s Bridge Street has been left boarded up and run down for a number of years.

However, plans are now afoot for Raz from Land of Bargains to rent the shop and bring it back into use.

Shutters have been placed on the building and new windows have been put in.

Raz said: “I’ll be renting the shop and over the summer we’re putting in new flooring, new wiring and the water needs to be reconnected.

“We’re going to have a nice shop front to continue the look in that bit of the town.

“The rent is cheaper and the lease is only on this shop until the end of the year so hopefully in the next three months we’ll have everything done.”