Family ties to South Church

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The South Parish Church in Girvan has held a special place in the heart of Helen Shields’ family, for four generations and continues to do so even for those living across the Atlantic.

Helen moved to Canada around 30 years ago, but travels back to Girvan regularly. Her children were christened there and now her daughter Cassandra is travelling from America to Girvan this week so that her two children can be christened in South Parish Church.

“I always like to think of the South Parish remaining my “home” church,” said Helen.

“The South Parish was where my father was an elder for 40 years. I was married in that church, my mother’s funeral was there, my both children were christened there, one of which I travelled from Canada for.

“This church has presided over our family with all the services that entails for four generations!

“My daughter Cassandra (also originally from Girvan, residing now in America) is coming back with her family to the South Parish on Sunday, July 22. The Rev McLachlan has kindly agreed to have not one, but two of her babies christened on this date.

“Rev Ian McLachlan is a truly remarkable man who has not only been the resident minister at the South Parish Church in Girvan for decades, but also looks after other churches and their communities simultaneously.

“He is such a dedicated minister and is the nicest man. He does not have the fanciest church in town but he toils away endlessly and asks nothing for himself.

“He is truly one of our local unsung heroes.

“Regardless of how “religious” or not a person is, or how they feel about the church in general, there is undoubtedly a time in their own life when they will require the services of the church. This could be a marriage, funeral or parent’s funeral you have to arrange. A free service for those not able to pay I might add but I was surprised to learn from Rev McLachlan that christenings are becoming something of a rarity.”