Farmers Market Prices and reports


Monday, June 2

Craig Wilson Ltd, Livestock Auction Mart, Whiteforhill, Ayr had forward 903 sheep compromising 402 Prime Lambs, 256 Prime Hoggets and 245 Cast Ewes & Tups. Prime Lambs sold to a top of 280.5p/kg for a pen of 41kg Beltex Lambs from S McNaughton, Fullshawwood, By Ayr with the overall average being 243.7p/kg (+12.6p/kg on the week). Prime Hoggets sold to a top price of 198.6p/kg for a pen of 35kg from A.J Cuthbertson, Stoneside, Thorntonhall with the overall average being 171.5p/kg (N.C on the week). Again prime lambs between 38kg to 41kg were keenly bid for and many more at those weights could have been sold to advantage. An end of season show of Hoggets met a similar trade to last week.

Lambs (Leading Price Per Head):

Beltex: £120 St Murray £119 Farden (Shennan) £115 Fulshawwood Texel: £118 Farden (Shennan) £118 Stoneside £117 Blairbowie £115 Fleminghill Charolais: £115 Laigland £110 Perryston & Laigland Suffolk: £115 Sorn Mains £112 Barnford £112 Mull Of Galloway £111 Laigh Lancraig Continental: £111 Mull Of Galloway Rouge: £110 Fleminghill, Laigh Lancraig, Robston & Mossend (Thomson)

Lambs (Leading Price Per Kilo):

Beltex: 280.5 Fulshawwood 276.5 Farden (Shennan) 272.5 Blairbowie Texel: 276.3 Cowgrove 275 Farden (Shennan) 275 Laigland 272.7 St Murray Charolais: 272.1 Blairbowie 256 Farden (Shennan) 255.8 Perryston Suffolk: 262.5 Blairbowie & Stoneside 261.9 Fleminghill & Robstone Continental: 261.8 Redding Rouge: 261.7 St Murray 260.1 St Murray 258.3 Barnford 256.1 Mossend (Thomson)

Hoggets (Leading Prices Per Head):

Beltex: £102 Crosbie Mains Suffolk: £94 High Letterpin & Blairbowie £90 High Letterpin Texel: £93 Dalmorton Continental: £90 Crosbie Mains £84 High Letterpin & Caprington Cheviot: £90 West Blackbyre £82 Dalmorton Rouge: £88 Maxwelston £84 Caprington £83 Polnoon Blackface: £84 Gass Mule: £84 Craigalbert £82 Muirside

Hoggets (Leading Prices Per Kilo):

Beltex: 198.6 Stoneside Suffolk: 197.6 Polnoon 191.7 Auchenroy 188.9 St Murray Texel: 190.6 Balcamie Continental: 187.5 High Letterpin 185.4 Maxwelston 184.2 Crosbie Mains Cheviot: 187.5 West Blackbyre Rouge: 187.4 Stoneside 183.3 & 181.2 Maxwelston Blackface: 197.4 Gass Mule: 185.5 Crosbie Mains 179.6 Gass

245 Cast Ewes & Tups were forward with all classes making a similar trade to last week. Top price today was £130.50 for a pen of Texel Ewes from J.A Gibson & Co, Cowgrove, Galston.

Ewes (Leading Price Per Head):

Texel: £130.50, £128.50 & £117.50 Cowgrove £119.50 North Lodge Continental: £110.50 Wheels £107.50 Mull Of Galloway & Wheels Suffolk: £109.50 Mull of Galloway Rouge: £107 Broadshean £102.50 Mid Craigton Charolais: £99 Rowanstone £97.50 Sorn Mains Halbred: £95.50 Little Busbie £95 Blairbowie Roussin: £95 Rankinston & Broadshean Mule: £90 Mid Craigton £89.50 Mull of Galloway £89 Broadshean £88.50 Mid Craigton Blackface: £74.50 Mid Wellwood £72.50 Little Busbie & Wheels

Cast Tups sold to a top price of £116.50 for a pen of Texel Rams from T & M Parker, Dykes, Skelmorlie.

Rams (Leading Prices Per Head):

Texel: £116.50 Dykes £115 Broadshean Charolais: £112.50 Mid Craigton BFL: £110 Blinburn

Monday, May 26

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, had forward 1073 sheep, comprising 289 Spring Lambs, 333 Prime Hoggets and 451 Cast Ewes & Tups. Prime Lamsb sld to a top price of 297.5p/kg for a pen of 40kgs Texel Lambs from Messrs JA Gibson & C, Cowgrove, Galston with the overall average being 230.9p/kg (- 11.3p/kg) Prime Hoggets sold to a top price of 190.1p/kg for a pen of 40kg Beltex Hoggets from Messrs MW Sloan, Daljedburgh, Stair. Again Lambs 39kgs to 41kgs were keenly bid for whilst all other weights were cheaper on the week, an end of season show of Hoggets were decidedly cheaper on the week.

Leading Prices (per head) Lambs:

Texel: £119 Cowgrove Suffolk: £114 Longhouse Texel Cross: £112 Barnford Suffolk Cross: £112 Balminnoch Continental: £110 Fleminghill Charollais: £110 Mid Brockloch Rouge: £110 Hemphil Beltex Cross: £109.50 Fleminghill Cont Cross: £107.50 Assloss Halfbred: £107 Netherton (Semple) Halfbred Cross: £107 Fulshawwood Charollais Cross: £107 Rowanstone Rouge Cross: £106 Barskelly

Leading Prices (per kilo) Lambs:

Texel: 297.5p Cowgrove Suffolk: 267.1p Fleminghill Texel Cross: 263.2p Fleminghill Suffolk Cross: 257.5p Mid Brockloch Cont: 256.3p Cowgrove Charollais: 250.0p Mid Brockloch Rouge: 248.8p Fulshawwood Beltex: 260.1p Howcommon Beltex Cross: 248.8p Netherton (Semple) Cont Cross: 248.6p Howcommon Halfbred: 247.5p Balnowlart Halfbred Cross: 244.4p Kilpatrick Charollais Cross: 242.7p Mid Brockloch Rouge Cross: 241.5p Perryston

Leading Prices (per head) Hoggets:

Mule: £90 Howcommon Texel: £89 Dalmorton Texel Cross: £89 Girvan Mains Cont: £86 Carsloe & Downan Cheviot: £84 Milton & Muirside Beltex: £83 Colvinston & Muirside Blackface: £82 Dalmorton Cont Cross: £82 Dalmorton Halfbred: £81 Perryston Beltex Cross: £81 Downan Cheviot Cross: £80 Cloquhairnan

Leading Prices (per kilo) Hoggets:

Mule: 190.1p Burton Texel: 190.0p Daljedburgh Texel Cross: 185.7p Carsloe Cont: 183.3p Cowgrove 182.2p Milton Cheviot: 182.5p Muirside 181.9p Cloquhairnan Beltex: 181.6p Cloquhairnan 181.0p Milton Blackface: 180.4p Muirside Cont Cross: 180.0p Girvan Mains Halfbred: 179.5p Milton Beltex Cross: 179.0p Enoch Cheviot Cross: 176.2p Cloquhairnan

451 Cast Ewes & Tups were forward with the top price being £107.50 for a pen of Suffolk Ewes from Steven Dunlop, Balminnoch, Straiton. All classes of Ewes were easier on the week.

Leading Prices (per head) Ewes:

Suffolk: £107.50 Balminnoch Texel: £103.50 Cowgrove Suffolk Cross: £103.50 Balminnoch Continental: £103 Mid Brockloch Suffolk: £101 Riggfoot Texel Cross: £100.50 Cowgrove Halfbred: £99.50 Netherton (Semple) Halfbred Cross: £97.50 Auchengowan Charollais: £97 Mid Brockloch Charollais Cross: £97 Laigh Alticane Cont Cross: £95.50 North Lodge Down: £94.50 High Letterpin Rouge: £93.50 Rowantsone Mule: £87 Netherton (Hutchison) £84 Dalhowan Cross: £83 Kings Arms £82.50 Perryston Blackface: £64.50 Meadwnay £63.50 Perryston £61.50 Knockeen

Cast Tups sold to a top price of £110.50 for a pen of Suffolk Rams from W McCreath, High Letterpin, Girvan

Leading Prices (per head) Tups:

Suffolk: £110.50 High Letterpin Texel: £109.50 Auchengowan Charollais: £109 Netherton (Hutchison) Blueface Leciester: £108 Dalreoch

Please Note

After Monday 2nd June 2014 there will not be any clipping available at the Market for tidying tails & bellies, it would be appreciated if all consignors will tidy up any dirty tails and bellies before presenting them for sale at the Market after this date.