Film aims to put Girvan on the movie map

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Filming took place last week in Girvan for a new production which hopes to put the seaside town ‘back on the map’.

‘Weekend in Girvan’ is being written and directed by Isabella Baronello in conjunction with William Samson Productions.

Cast and crew assembled on Girvan beach for three days worth of filming last week shooting vital scenes for the film.

Isabella’s sister Catherine spoke to the Gazette this week to explain how the film has come about and a little about the plot.

Catherine said: “It is being filmed by William Samson productions who approached Isabella about writing a script for a new film and she instantly said yes. Isabella went about writing the script for Weekend in Girvan and here we are now filming.

“Isabella has written plays before and she’s also starring in this one with other actresses who have worked with William Samson before.”

Filming had already taken place at the end of July and in August in Girvan and the film which is described by Catherine as having sad and happy scenes is now really gathering pace.

Discussing some of the plot, Catherine said: “Weekend in Girvan is about four women who work together but they don’t really know each other until they come on this weekend to Girvan.

“There are some sad scenes but also plenty of happy ones too but Isabella purposefully wants to keep a lot of it a surprise.”

Girvan residents will be delighted to hear well known George Taylor, who works in the town’s ASDA supermarket store, plays a significant part in the film and his dog Poppalina also appears in a scene.

Catherine explained: “George steals the show in a very unique scene where he plays a pallbearer and I’m sure those who watch it will love it.

“He’s also been filmed in Ailsa Place in Girvan with his dog Poppalina who was dressed up in an outfit from Dinky Dogs boutique. George has absolutely loved being a part of it.”

Catherine says her sister loves Girvan and wants the film to ensure the town is attracting visitors again.

She said: “This film is about putting Girvan back on the map. Isabella loves it here and has enjoyed filming the scenes at the beach and we’ve also filmed down at Lendalfoot as well. It’s a great town and hopefully this film will help boost it.”

It is yet unknown as to how widely available the film will be or when it will be released but Catherine is hopeful of success.

“I’m sure it will do well as the plays Isabella has written before have all been excellent and have been successful. She’s starred in River City, Taggart and also done a video for an NHS campaign.

“Her plays “Lizzie” and “In the Waiting Room” were terrific.”

Further filming is set to take place in the coming weeks and months in several locations.