Fine for Dailly man

A South Ayrshire teenager who punched another man who interrupted a game of pool he was enjoying with his mates was fined £300 at Stranraer Sheriff Court last Tuesday.

Nineteen-year-old Robert McCormack, 21 Main Street, Dailly, admitted assaulting Darren Napier in the games area of the Arkhouse Bar, George Street, Stranraer, on January 22, by punching him on the head, causing him to fall to the ground to his injury.

Depute fiscal Lyndsay Hunter said the accused and his friends were in Stranraer for a social evening when Napier arrived in the games area at the Arkhouse to interrupt their pool game because he had decided he wanted to play.

The accused had tried to calm Napier down but the other man had started to goad McCormack by pointing at his chin saying: “Come on, hit me.” McCormack obliged and the complainer ended up on his backside.

Agent Paul Feeney said the complainer had been “hell bent” on causing trouble that night and had continued to wind McCormack up until he did hit him.

Sentencing McCormack, Sheriff Kenneth Robb commented that the accused had done reasonably well to keep this temper in check for so long.