Finn shows off his safety skills

Girvan played host to a furry friend on Thursday July 25.

That’s because Finn, the 18 month-old newfoundland dog was in action to showcase the work voluntary group Aiyla Says do to promote water safety.

Finn is fully trained in recovering single casualties, multiple casualties, unconscious casualties, turning casualties in the water, recovering casualties, and recovering small craft like kayaks and inflatable boats with their passengers.

And with the help of the volunteer group and the RNLI crew at Girvan lifeboat station, Finn demonstrated the skills he has learned with three routines as he brought people to safety.

Watching all of this unfold was South Ayrshire provost Helen Moonie who said: “I am incredibly proud our Council has formally chosen to support the Girvan lifeboat as one of our nominated charities and the work they do with Aiyla Says – which is entirely made up of volunteers – is not only hugely impressive, it really could help save lives.

“Finn and the team from Aiyla Says do a fabulous job in boosting that message through the work they do and I’m thrilled to see the partnership work with the RNLI in action and making a real difference for our communities.”

Girvan RNLI were on hand to show support for the work they do in tandem with Aiyla Says.

Robert McMaster, Coxswain/Mechanic for Girvan Lifeboat, said: “Girvan RNLI is extremely pleased to be one of South Ayrshire Council’s nominated charities.

“The RNLI is always willing to help other groups that are involved and having the opportunity to work with Aiyla Says gives the volunteers a chance to experience another life-saving service and raise the profile of both charities.”

John Pllu, Chairman of Aiyla Says, said: “Our aim is to assist with educating children and young adults in water safety. We use Newfoundland dogs as they are natural lifesavers and well equipped for the job thanks to their webbed feet and powerful muscles, which make them very effective in the water.

For further information on the RNLI or to find out more about coming a volunteer with Girvan RNLI, contact Girvan Lifeboat Station at Knockushan Street, Girvan or call 01465 714454. You can also visit

If you want to find out more or support Aiyla Says, visit or contact John Pllu, Chairman on 01465 811420 or