Fire crews called to Girvan house

Fire crews from Girvan and Maybole community fire stations were called to an incident at Kerr Court in Girvan at around 10pm last Wednesday evening.

The caller had reported alarms sounding and being able to see smoke when he dialled 999.

Upon attending the scene on February 18 the fire services removed a man from the property and provided him with treatement for the effects of smoke inhalation.

Watch Manager James Davidson, the incident commander, said: “Two firefighters led a man from the property, which was smoke logged due to cooking.

“He appeared to be suffering from slight smoke inhalation and our crews provided him with oxygen therapy.

“ We also requested an ambulance so he could receive a precautionary check-up from paramedics.

“Firefighters ventilated the property and visited neighbouring flats to reassure residents and offer free home fire safety visits.

“Cooking is a very common source of fire in the home and it only takes a moment’s distraction for a potentially serious incident to begin. We would remind everyone never to walk away from a cooker without taking pots and pans off the heat and switching off the grill.

“Even a small fire can produce enough smoke to cause serious injury so it’s vitally important everyone makes sure their home has working smoke alarms to warn them of the danger.”

The fire service also advises, as added protection, residents should also consider installing heat alarms in their kitchens, as these devices also provide early warning of a fire but will not be activated by smoke produced as a result of cooking.