Fireworks night is almost here

Fireworks night in Girvan on Saturday 2 November is fast approaching.

And with under three weeks to go, the Girvan and District Attractions Committee wish to send their huge thanks to those who have donated towards the night.

They are Jimmy Lindsay’s funeral directors, the Hadyard Hill Community Benefit Fund and Carrick Futures who have donated kindly towrds the volunteer ran event.

The committee say they still face a shortfall of around £1,100 to cover the costs of running the night so donations on 2 November will be greatly appreciated also.

The committee are providing transport for those in the outlying villages of South Carrick on the night who require this service.

Phone Betty McQuiston on 01465 714335 by 29 October.

The volunteers hope to see as many of you on the night to show support for this great event.