Focussing on trees

Bill Arnott's 'Fishermen through the trees'.
Bill Arnott's 'Fishermen through the trees'.

The subject of a recent Girvan camera Club competition – the last before Christmas - was trees.

This competition produced the highest number of entries in any of the competitions so far this season.

Before providing feedback on each of the entries in turn, the competition judge, Pat Hunter Blair, who is a forester by profession, and who has a real passion for trees, described the criteria he had used to judge the entries.

These included: a clear idea of the subject – ie “is it a good subject?”; the relevance/importance of the title; composition; scale and shape; colour or tone and texture; the overall impression of the end result; “does it tell a story?”; “does it describe a place and the spirit of the place?”; and lastly “do I like it!”.

The results in the two competition categories were as follows:


1st Rory McAdam, 2nd and 3rd Yvonne Morrison, 4th Bill Arnott and 5th Donald Love

Digital images:

1st and 2nd Bill Arnott, 3rd Rory McAdam, 4th Donald Love, 5th Liz Robertson

Rory McAdam’s picture “Old Tree” and Bill Arnott’s “Fishermen through the trees” are reprinted here.

The Girvan Camera Club meets again on 7 January in the South Church Hall, Girvan.