Food inspection report slams Girvan hotel

One of Girvan’s top restaurants has been slammed by food inspectors in a damning report into standards at the eaterie.

Woodland Bay Hotel on the outskirts of the town was visited by South Ayrshire Council’s food inspectors last month on 26 November.

And they found numerous failures in food hygiene and in food standards.

The document says that date control and monitoring procedures were poor at the time of the inspectors’ visit, with unsafe food being found on the premises.

That led to inspectors declaring that the premises were potentially posing a risk to public health.The team at Woodland Bay also had to dispose of items of out of date and unsafe food at the time of the inspectors’ visit.

The report stated that food safety procedures had become so lax that inspectors found a portion of ‘chilli cheddar’ had no date code attached to it and was also affected by mould growth.

A container of Philadelphia cheese was found to be in a state of decomposition having been opened on November 9. Various opened jars of sauces were also found without markings showing when they were opened or use by dates whilst inspectors also found discoloured burgers that should have been used by November 23.

Haggis was stored with ready to eat foods posing a risk of contamination.

Areas of the kitchen found dirty included the floor covering at the wall to floor junctions, electrical sockets, waste bins, wall areas including behind deep fat fryers and the window sill.

Inspectors also asked the Woodland Bay team to review the ventilation facility in their kitchen as the current one was resulting in grease building up in areas above cooking equipment.

Woodland Bay Hotel owner Michael Forbes told the Carrick Gazette: “Any points raised by the Environmental Health Officer have been fully complied with.”