Foodbank threat in south Ayrshire

MP Sandra Osborne has challenged the Work and Pensions Secretary to come up with practical support for South Ayrshire Foodbank.

And in an exchange in the House of Commons government minister Iain Duncan Smith told the Carrick MP that the appearance of food banks up and down the country had nothing to do with the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition’s welfare reforms.

Speaking in the House of Commons last week Mrs Osborne said: “The South Ayrshire food bank is threatened with closure if it cannot find funding for premises for food storage and distribution by Christmas.

“Given today’s report on food banks, and given that the people involved are having to do this incredibly important work for the poorest in our society thanks to this government’s nasty welfare policies, what practical support can the Government provide to those charities to support their importanti work.

Iain Duncan Smith replied that the Government give huge support to charities up and down the country and that he “would look into it”.

Mr Duncan Smith then stated that increased dependence by people on food banks, “has nothing to do with our welfare reforms”.

Sandra Osborne added: “This flies in the face of the evidence collected by the Trussell Trust who run most of our food banks which shows that people who have had their benefits ‘sanctioned’ make up the majority of food bank users.”