Forum target social media

CARRICK Community Councils Forum have appointed a Social Media Officer in a bid to explore new ways of communication throughout the area.

Ashley Murphy has began working with the group to improve ways of getting their message across and look at ways for residents to get their views across.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Bebo have been targeted as potential websites to improve community engagement.

The role will encourage and enable people, particularly young people, to engage with projects and with the Community Planning partnership consultation process.

CCCF chairman Peter Mason urged as many people as possible to visit the Facebook page and express their opinions on local issues.

Ashley told the Gazette she hopes that the use of social media will attract younger people to air their views on on-going projects. She said: “I hope to work with school pupils and Girvan Youth Trust to develop and get their ideas on improving Carrick.”

The role has been funded by CCCF and South Ayrshire council and the forum hope the overall outcome will see community groups in Carrick communicate more effectively with community planning partners to deliver neighbourhood and service improvements.

A spokesman for CCCF said: “We know there is a need for this from our extensive contacts in our local communities.

“People often complain that they are not consulted or that, when they are, nothing is done in response to the views and issues they put forward.

“Often the real problem is that people are not aware of the actions that have been taken as a result of consultations.

“The Community Planning Partnership has recognised the need for improvements in community engagement and that project will support the CPP’s pilot project.”