Freezing out our elderly

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Sandra Osborne MP has accused Chancellor George Osborne of betraying pensioners in her constituency by cutting the winter fuel allowance.

The Carrick member of parliament slammed Mr Osborne for not announcing the cut during his budget speech.

She said: “The Government has betrayed pensioners in Ayr Carrick and Cumnock Constituency and throughout the country by cutting the winter fuel allowance.

“The fact that the Chancellor didn’t have the decency to make this public during his Budget announcement, instead choosing to bury the bad news in paperwork, only adds insult to injury.

“In these difficult economic times and in the face of rising fuel bills, older people need more money, not less.

“The Government should be looking after pensioners and reassuring them that when the cold weather comes in, they will not be financially penalised for keeping warm.

“I have already put my name to an Early Day Motion in Parliament calling on the Government to maintain the winter fuel allowance in it’s present form, as introduced by the Labour Government.

“I will continue to work with the National Pensioners Convention and other pensioner organisations to campaign against this cut.”