‘Fuel’ good factor after car lessons

A group of South Ayrshire Council employees have been learning to go gently on the pedals when driving Council vehicles to save fuel and the environment.

The FuelGood Lessons were funded by a sustainable travel grant of from SPT (Strathclyde Passenger Transport) and the Energy Agency.

The funding provided 20 one hour lessons, 15 were taken up by Council employees who regularly book Council vehicles to use during working hours to carry out their business. The remainder were taken up by Council Green Champions – employees who volunteer to raise awareness of environmental issues within the workplace and encourage good practice among colleagues.

Councillor John McDowall, Sustainability and Environment Portfolio Holder for the Council said: “These hour long lessons can make a significant difference to the fuel consumed by vehicles, up to 15% which is a significant amount. Add to this a reduced level of maintenance in more efficiently driven vehicles and it’s really a winner all round.

“In addition to reducing fuel costs, better driving results in lower emissions from vehicles which will benefit our environment. Lower carbon emissions result in less pollution and better air quality, while a steadier pace of driving reduces stress for other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.”

Lorna Farquharson said: “The FuelGood Lesson was good. It was interesting and I discovered ways to save fuel.”

Ronnie Hannah said: “A very worthwhile exercise producing a fuel saving tool which can be used in every vehicle I drive, cutting fuel costs for both the Council and myself.”

Wendy Mitchell said: “Was really informative and showed just how easy it was to adapt a more fuel efficient style of driving with just a bit more thought. I was very surprised and pleased with the vast improvement in my fuel consumption between the two drives.”