Funding for flood damage welcomed

Householders and businesses throughout South Ayrshire will be able to claim grants to help pay for flood damage.

The funding will be used to provide every household, business premist es or charity directly affected by flood water with a grant of £1,500.

People in any part of Scotland who have suffered flood damage as a resulof the severe weather can apply for a grant from their local authority, with the Scottish Government meeting the cost.

In addition to flood relief support, businesses whose ability to trade has been severely affected by flooding will be able to apply for an additional grant of £3,000 funded by the Scottish Government and administered by their Local Authority.

Extra capital funding of up to £5 million will also be made available to Local Authorities to replace infrastructure severely damaged by flood waters. East Ayrshire Council has been allocated £500,000.

An Agricultural Floodbank Restoration Grant Scheme of up to £1 million will also be made available to the farming community to seek financial support to restore damaged floodbanks and discussions will continue this week with the industry as to how government can support them through severe weather.

The Scottish Government have also announced strategic investment in a National Flood Risk Management plan including proposals for 42 flood protection schemes or engineering works planned for 2016-21 and a range of other flood alleviation measures. This will be supported by investment over the first cycle of £235 million on measures to protect up to 10,000 properties.

Local SNP MSP Adam Ingram MSP has welcomed the announcement of immediate Scottish Government funding for flood hit communities.

Commenting Mr Ingram said: “With this new funding, every household and business premises that have seen flood water damage will be able to claim a grant of £1,500 from the local council. They can use this to replace lost or damage items or to take steps to help flood proof their home.

“The weather has also impacted on business – that is why any business which has had their ability to trade impacted by the flooding will also be able to claim a £3,000 grant.

“I know from my visits and in talking to people in New Cumnock and victims of the flooding there that this will be much needed relief particularly for those who have had difficulty with insuring their properties

“In the face of devastation communities have rallied together and shown real strength. The determination and dedication of our emergency services who are working around the clock to save homes and livelihoods was never more evident across the constituency. I am pleased that the Scottish Government hasn’t waited to receive its share of the UK Governments Flood Fund to bring forward this much needed support for our communities. I am sure this will be a godsend for many families and small businesses in Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley.

“Moving forward the Scottish Government clearly recognises the need for investment in flood protection given the experience we’ve had with extreme weather over the last two years and I’m delighted that the substantial £235 million investment will be made, starting this year. I know that communities like New Cumnock in this constituency will be prioritised. I understand a £3.5 million project for New Cumnock is included in the National Plan.”