Gazette comment- great to have lanterns back

Saturday night saw Girvan lit up as the Carrick Carnival of Light made a welcome return to the events calendar.

Despite the freezing temperatures, there was a terrific turnout for the event in Girvan, which was well deserved for the organisers who had put in tremendous work to ensure that last year’s was just a temporary absence.

The event has a wonderful community spirit to it and it is great witnessing the kids faces smile as they carry their lanterns through the town centre.

The theme of “Fish n Ships” was inspired for a seaside town and led to some truly magnificent creations and a fine finale down on the shorefront.

It was also a good move by organisers to include some fireworks in the finale as many people had mentioned to the Gazette that they were disappointed the event was not on the same night as the fireworks as had been tradition.

Whilst the “real” fireworks have yet to come it was good to see the festival of light go out with a bang for 2015 and judging by comments we’ve read it seems to have gone down very well.

In many ways it is a hugely unique event and one which the Gazette hopes will remain part of the Carrick events calendar for the long term.