Gazette editorial- Girvan toilets shamble cost our businesses

Local residents of Girvan are quite rightly perplexed by the circumstances concerning the new public toilets.

Many in Girvan, including employees of the local authority, have been working very hard to make Girvan better for locals and visitors alike. the new toilet facilities are an example of that.

But the shambles last week has certainly cost local businesses in lost trade - and now many bus drivers will think there are no public toilets in Girvan and perhaps go elsewhere.

At this moment with very few facilities in Girvan this was the last thing the town needed.

Perhaps the following questions should be asked of the council heads of service and our three elected local councillors.

As a local shopkeeper Councillor Clark appears to have caught the most of the public’s wrath on this matter and perhaps councillors Oattes and McDowall could give their explanations on a local community matter which has a major negative impact on his ward and local constituents.

It would be interesting to hear what the local councillors did and did not know about this fiasco … from planning stage through to the recent debacle.

Who was responsible for sanctioning the architects’ drawings without noticing they did not include a Belfast sink or tap facility to enable the cleaners to fill their mop buckets?

Why was the fact that there are no baby-changing facilities not picked up on?

Surely this should have been a consideration as the new building is next to a beach playpark?

Did the Clerk of Works who signed off the job know there was an issue regarding the water supply?

The community in Girvan including business owners who lost trade deserve answers.