Gazette editorial- More action needed on the roads

If there is a topic that just about every Carrick resident has an opinion on, it is the state of the roads in the area.

And there is a resounding consensus from residents who are using the roads on a daily basis that they have fallen into a serious state of disrepair, with some routes getting close to being impossible to drive on.

That’s why the leadership panel agreement within council chambers this week is to be welcomed but also with a degree of caution.

Whilst funding agreements to resurface roads including the A714 from Girvan-Barrhill and the B741 from Girvan-Dailly are much needed, they are only beginning to scratch the surface at what is needed on road improvements.

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance was much heralded when it was launched last year as a joint partnership between the councils in South and East Ayrshire and was hailed as a proper solution to fixing Ayrshire’s roads.

Almost exactly a year on since its introduction, the Gazette is not hearing of better roads, in fact this paper is only regularly hearing from individuals that the roads are getting worse and worse.

The investment to improve the roads over 2015/16 is to be welcomed but those carrying out the works must make sure that the improvements are carried to the highest of standards.

All too often so-called road improvement works such as resurfacing have been carried out, particularly on the A714 road, only for motorists to be complaining a short time later that they need to be fixed again.

And what of the roads in the main streets in Girvan and Maybole? Some of them are filled with potholes, including the school route in Girvan’s Wesley Road and are in a dreadful condition.

It would have been beneficial if money had also been found to improve the state of those roads as well as some of the more major rural roads in the Carrick area.