Gazette editorial- Poverty stats should shock us all

The damning statistics released this week by the group campaigning to end child poverty are shocking and disgraceful in equal measure.

The fact that almost one in four children across South Ayrshire is living in a state of poverty should shame everyone in power into radical action.

It is clear that the current system isn’t delivering the best results for our children and isn’t giving them the best start in life.

With the pressures of having to find money to pay the bills each month along with lower than inflation wage rises or pay freezes, then some individuals and families are falling into the poverty trap.

Almost one in three children in Girvan and South Carrick are living in poverty when housing costs are taken into consideration which is outrageous.

Where are the ideas to help promote employment in this part of the country?

Where are the employers out there in Carrick who will buck the trend and give employees a meaningful wage rise?

The Gazette demands that politicians and businesses in particular come up with a far more detailed, coherent and long-term strategy to tackle the root causes of child poverty in the Carrick area.

As Sandra Osborne MP points out, across her constituency of Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock 28% of children are living in poverty, the second highest level in Scotland outwith Glasgow.

Of course the definition of poverty has changed over the years but it is scandalous in 2014 that families are having to go to foodbanks in one of the wealthiest countries on earth just in order to put food on the table.

Equally scandalous is the decision families and indidviduals have to make over eating or heating.

It is time the scourge of child poverty was put to bed once and for all.

It won’t be an overnight fix but let’s ensure a better life for every child in Carrick.