Gazette editorial- RBS wrong over branch closure

It is extremely disappointing that the state-owned Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has decided to close its Maybole branch.

As we report on page 3 of today’s Gazette the situation for rural customers is very different to that for more urban areas.

RBS say there has been a fall in the number of transactions taking place within the bank and that has influenced its decision to close the Maybole branch.

The same argument was used last year when the bank closed rural branches in nearby Galloway.

Certainly, those who can are using the internet more and more, but not everyone has access to the internet, and not everyone has a good connection.

Some areas of South Ayrshire do not receive a mobile phone signal let alone broadband.

Jobs are also vital in this area, and for the Government to allow RBS to close branches, and make employees redundant in a week where it also oversaw the sale of RBS shares for one third less the price the Treasury paid for them during the banking crash, which bailed out RBS, is very disappointing.

As Carrick MP Corri Wilson points out, RBS is paying out around £10 billion in compensation for mis-selling personal protection insurance, and the fact that it is closing branches, may be a way of making up its losses.

This decision will only penalise the less well-off, the eldery and the disabled.