Gazette editorial- Registrar issues must end now

The so-called temporary suspension of registration services in Girvan is in danger of becoming a permanent one which is completely unacceptable.

It was fully understandable that personal absences meant that there was a sudden staff shortage at the Girvan office causing services to be suspended.

However, that was in October. We are into a New Year and three months on from the initial suspension yet the council are still describing this as a temporary situation.

The council have stretched the definition of temporary to the absolute limit and it is time for a solution to be found on this issue.

To many registration offices being shut in a town might not seem like the biggest issue, but the key point is that you never know when you will need to use the registration service, so it should be there all the time.

And it is an even bigger issue for those in the villages of Carrick, particularly those without access to a car.

Think of those villagers in Ballantrae who merely wish to register a birth, death or marriage.

Due to the suspension of services in Girvan, they are now facing a 70-mile round trip to Ayr to carry out what should be a stress-free task.

When the registration services were re-aligned and the council took the service away from Maybole, people were promised that the service in Girvan would be delivered to the highest standard.

It is unrealistic to expect a full Monday to Friday service in Girvan these days due to budget restraints but surely there is scope for a member of staff in Ayr being seconded to Girvan two days a week to ensure the residents of Girvan and the villages have a registration service that is of easier access.

It’s time the council stopped dragging their heels on this issue.