Gazette Editorial- Significant backing for Girvan pool project

The news that one of Girvan’s biggest employers, if not the biggest, has backed the plans for the new swimming pool and leisure facility is terrific for the Gazette to report on this week.

William Grant and Sons’ donation of £50,000 towards the construction costs is hugely generous and a huge boost for South Carrick Community Leisure, the community group behind the new facility.

Having listened to the support from the employees at their Girvan site, Grants got in touch with SCCL and were hugely impressed.

For a worldwide brand to be impressed by the plan highlights once again the amount of work and effort that SCCL have put in to ensure that this will become a reality.

The Gazette understands how it is easy to be cynical about these plans but Andrew Sinclair and the others of the SCCL board have put their heads above the parapets to deliver Girvan and South Carrick a new swimming pool and leisure facility.

With the backing of one of the area’s biggest employers, it is full steam ahead on the plans which will see building work start down the harbour later this year.

Coupled with the new facilities that are currently being built at Girvan Harbour, this will be a significant boost to the regeneration of the town.

Grants have well and truly delivered a great boost for the project here and hopefully other major companies might have a think about what they could do to help with the capital and revenue costs of the building.

The business plans put in place by SCCL have ensured a number of funders have come on board over the last year and they should be commended for that.

Now the first stages of the design process are almost complete, locals should be able to see full design plans in the next few months.

It is a classic ‘I won’t believe it until the first brick is laid project’ but it is one the whole area should be supportive of and £50,000 funding from Grants should be applauded.