Gazette editorial: Transport chaos could be avoided

Mother’s Day is certainly a special time for families as they get together.

How disappointing then this Sunday that people wishing to travel further afield to celebrate the occasion are facing transport chaos on the roads and rail.

With the A77 closed all weekend between Girvan and Stranraer (although local access will be maintained to Ballantrae) and trains not running between Ayr and Stranraer on Sundays at the moment, then people will face a much more convoluted route to get south of Girvan on Sunday in particular.

Whilst TranServ Scotland says it has liaised with Scotrail to minimise the disruption, the Gazette can’t help but feel that this is a situation that could have been avoided.

Even if there wasn’t a special occasion such as Mother’s Day on Sunday, scheduling a closure of the main route south on the A77 for a whole weekend when trains also aren’t running would seem to be a bit nonsensical.

The Gazette hopes that replacement bus services will be able to get through the closures but for motorists to have to go via the A714 and A75 to get to Cairnryan for ferries or Stranraer will cause added stress.

The main thing the Gazette hopes for is that the works being carried out on the roads and rail network are permanent improvements so that disruption as significant as this can be avoided again in the future.