Getting waxed for the new Girvan pool

John Rennie with his finished waxed chest.
John Rennie with his finished waxed chest.

Five brave men from Girvan underwent getting themselves waxed on Saturday all for a very worthy cause.

The five men were raising money to help the fundraising efforts for the new Girvan and South Carrick community leisure facility which is set to be up and running in 2016.

And despite a few screams of pain and some nerves throughout, all five men made it to the end of the waxing.

The final total is yet to be completely finalised but there was a steady stream of donations throughout the day in the Carrick Gazette office where the waxing took place.

And donations have been handed in at various shops and locations throughout the town giving a welcome boost to the fundraising efforts.

With South Ayrshire Council pledging £4m, the community in Girvan and South Carrick need to raise a further £1m to ensure that the pool plans become a reality.

South Carrick Community Leisure chairmanAndrew Sinclair led by example by volunteering to go first to get his legs waxed by Paula Hainey, a beauty lecturer from Stranraer.

Next up was the Gazette’s very own reporter Ewan McQueen who it is fair to say wasn’t having much fun, but it was all for a great cause.

Richard Conaghan was next to take the plunge on the bed to get his legs waxed before Gordon Hamilton was the next brave men to lose his hairy legs.

And the final man John Rennie stepped it up a notch by agreeing to go through an extra pain barrier by getting his hairy chest waxed off to raise money.

Despite the pain, all the men’s efforts were appreciated by the crowd in attendance in the Dalrymple Street office.