Girvan Academy holds prizegiving ceremony

The prize winners at Girvan Academy.
The prize winners at Girvan Academy.

Girvan Academy held its annual prizegiving ceremony last week with sixth year pupil Louise Carle winning the Dux award.

There were prizes awarded for academic and sporting achievements, class prizes and many individual awards sponsored by both businesses and individuals from throughout the Girvan area.

This year's Dux, sixth year student Louise Carle

This year's Dux, sixth year student Louise Carle

Girvan Academy prizewinners 2013:

Certificates in S1; Kyle Brown, Anya Crombie, Lori Houston, Rachael Milroy, Regan McCulloch, Beth Radic, Alix Travers

Prizewinners in S1; Sarah Cosslett, Ellie Crawford, Lauren McEwan, David Oliphant, Antonio Sisi, Hannah Traynor, Robert Walker

Certificates in S2; Jenna Browne, Alison Ceates, Lee McClymont, Tania McTaggart, Natalie Purdie, Monthawat Tohthom,

Prizewinners in S2; Daisy Bradshaw, Ailsa Buchanan, Alan Carle, Sophie Grater, Lewis McWilliam, Ellie Paterson,

Certificates in S3; Chloe Bell, Jamie Dorans, Courteney Flower, Lewis Gray, Hannah Inglis, Hannah MacPherson, Rebecca McCreath

Prizewinners in S3; Alexander Campbell, Mhairi Campbell, Jack Melville, Gareth Powell, Alexander Ratchford, Heather Shedden, Sophie Skilling,

Certificates in S4; Peter Edwards, Logan Ross, Sarah Reid, Amber Saunders, Irene Wylde, Rebecca Wylde

Prizewinners in S4; Cristina Espinosa, Daniel Fyfe, Ainslie Mellon, Holly McKie, Marco Sisi, Brogan Young

Certificates in S5; Corrie Bonner, Josh Brown, Nicole Fraser, Jack Galliford, Melissa MacAskill, Emma Ware,

Prizewinners in S5; Jamie Candlish, Louise Carle, Ryan Conway, Miguel Espinosa, Sarah Ferguson, Erin Houston, Morgan Powell

Town Twinning Association Prize for French

S1 - Monica Espinosa; S2 - Alison Ceates; S3 - Heather Shedden; S4 - Katherine Crawford; North Parish Church - RMPS Prize in S3; Keara Connelly; South Parish Church – RMPS Prize in S4

Grace Newmarch; FMC Biopolymer (UK) Ltd Prize for Chemistry in S4; Cristina Espinosa; Gentech International Prize for Physics in S4; Cristina Espinosa; Alexander Noble Prize for Technical Subjects in S4; Laura Shankland

Barr Holdings Ltd Prize for Scientific Studies in S4; Jamie Dunbar

Stephen Scholes Prize for History in S4; Brogan Young

Gentech International Prize for Mathematics in S4; Holly McKie

The Girvan Academy Prize for English in S4; Holly McKie

The Girvan Academy Prize for Spanish in S4; Logan Ross

The Joseph Howitt Prize for French; Louise Carle

Galbraith Pritchard Prize for Business Management; Siobhan Ross

Murray & Tait Prize for Administration; Liam Sweeney

The British Dental Floss Prize for Graphic Communication; Miguel Espinosa

Malin Court Prize for Home Economics; Lauren Allan

The RS Richard Prize for Art & Design ; Miles Coltart

The Howitt Prize for English; Morgan Powell

The Audrey Barbour Award for Excellence in Music; JP Gourlay

The William Grant & Sons Prize for Biology; Erin Houston

FMC Biolpolymer (UK) Ltd Prize for Chemistry - S5; Louise Carle

The Gentech International Prize for Physics - S5; Miguel Espinosa

The Gentech International Prize for Mathematics - S5; Miguel Espinosa

The Barr Holdings Ltd Prize for Product Design; Noi McMillan

The Galbraith Pritchard Prize for Information Systems & Computing; Sarah Ferguson

Girvan Academy Prize for History – S5; Kirstin Adams

Girvan Academy Prize for Modern Studies; Siobhan Ross

The Bruce Prize for Geography ; Louise Carle

The P&C Hamilton Prize for Physical Education; David Laird

The Jean & Stan Milner Memorial Prize for RMPS; Nicole Fraser

The Prize for Performing Arts; Lynne Combe

Girvan Academy Dance Prize; Nicole Fraser

The MacLaurin Senior Art Prize; Leanne Dewar

Certificate for Achievement in Dance

S1 - Emily Clark, Katie Laird; S2 - Emma Milroy, Natalie Purdie; S3 – Chloe Bell, Marie Tait; S4 – Kelsey Brown; S5/6 - Melissa MacAskill, Elizabeth Robertson

Golf Cup (Handicap); Kyle Brown; Golf Cup (Scratch); Robbie Allan; Girvan Academy Tennis Challenge Winner; Kieren Beauchamp

S1 Boys & Girls Athletics Champions; Sean Millarvie & Shaunna Mills

S2 Boys & Girls Athletics Champions; Rhys Sim & Jenna Browne

S3/4 Girls Athletics Champion

Molly Paterson

S3/4 Boys Athletics Champion

Stewart Millarvie

Senior Boys & Girls Athletics Champions

Allan Robertson & Catherine Shennan

The Nestle Prize for Athletics

Fraser Stirling

School Debating Cup (Wranglers Tassie)

Matthew Cosslett, Stuart Wightman

The Alex McDowall Memorial Prize for Achievement

Junior Winner - Fraser Stirling

Senior Winner – Dionne Allan

The GE Caledonian Shield

The Espinosa Family

Community Council Prize

Dillon Flynn & Conor McDowall

Linton Award for Special Achievement

Shaun Harding

Inter-house Drama Trophy - Killochan

School Inter-house Competition Winners - Glenapp

The Nestle Prizes for Services to Girvan Academy

Orin Aubad, Charlotte Graystone, Heather Murdoch

Gillian Purdie, Craig Sinclair, Caine Wilson

Pupil Council Prize for Staff

Mr Gareth Rae

Girvan Academy School Board First Year Prize

Ellie Crawford

Girvan Academy School Board Second Year Prize

Daisy Bradshaw, Ailsa Buchanan

Girvan Academy Association for Third Year

Heather Shedden

Girvan Academy Association for Fourth Year

Cristina Espinosa

The Joseph Howitt Quaich and Girvan Academy Dux; Louise Carle