Girvan Academy’s Scottish Day is a success

This Colmonell Primary pupil enjoying his Scottish lunch.
This Colmonell Primary pupil enjoying his Scottish lunch.

Sixth Year Girvan Academy pupil Suzanne Oliphant provides a round up of the latest news from Girvan Academy.

Junior Football

On Thursday 12th November, Girvan Academy’s S3 football team played a match against another school in the Glasgow area. The team unfortunately lost but a great effort was made and well done to all who participated.

Enterprise in Maths

On Tuesday 17th November, a group of pupils participated in the Scottish Enterprise Finals. To get to this event, the pupils finished 2nd in South Ayrshire.

They were up against schools from all over the country which involved them having to solve various puzzles.

The pupils enjoyed the day very much. Well done to Rachel Stirling (S3), David Shennan (S3), Ellie Crawford (S4) and Robert Walker (S4).

Scots Language Day

On Wednesday 18th November, P6 pupils visited the school to participate in Scots language day.

The day was filled with traditional Scottish music, food and poems.

The pupils took part in four workshops: singing Scots songs, tasting traditional Scottish food, acting out a Scots poem and understanding Scots dialect.

Lunch was provided and the pupils witnessed the addressing of the haggis and clapped along to the bagpipes before performing their songs and poems in front of a small audience. The day was a success and thank you to all involved and to all the schools who attended.

Learning Through Work

On Friday 20th November, senior school pupils were given a presentation which gave information on modern apprenticeships and how they can benefit them in future careers.

This was very useful as it gives senior pupils who could soon leave school information on different options and career paths.

Interhouse Tokens

A new house points system has been introduced to the school for S3-S6. In the canteen area there are now three boxes with the house badges on them. Pupils can now be rewarded a token for good work and behaviour in class and elsewhere in the school. The pupil then puts the token in their assigned house box and the tokens will get gathered and counted. The tokens will award house points and is a way to award points in a different way to the usual inter-house competition. It is something that everyone can get involved in.