Girvan Attractions needs you

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THE voluntary group behind some of Girvan’s most popular events is asking community members if they really want them to bother.

Girvan and District Attrac­tions’ small team, whose numbers barely reach double figures, is responsible for established events including the annual fireworks, the Lowland Gathering and the summer Civic Week festivities, and raises and spends around £15,000 on the community each year. But, 40 years after it began, perceived interest is waning and funds becoming increasingly difficult to come by, and members are asking for feedback on where to dedicate resources. “We really would like people to take an interest,” said Attractions member Betty McQuiston. “We have been going for a long time and struggling for a long time and we really need people to tell us what they actually want.”

At Thursday’s meeting the eagerness for community input centred on the Civic Week Parade. Unsure whether residents want the parade to even continue, members said they would like guidance on how it should be developed.

The Attractions team wished to thank its existing supporters, which include some loyal local businesses as well as larger grant providers, and encourages other interested parties to make themselves known. Anyone with any ideas, or for more information on how to contribute, should contact Betty McQuiston on 01465 714335, or contact Girvan Attractions at

Alternatively, new faces are welcome at meetings on the second Thursday of each month at 7.30pm in the Westcliffe Hotel.