Girvan beach clean up needs volunteers

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On Saturday 5 April the Girvan Rotary Club will be holding their very popular annual Spring beach clean in conjunction with the Keep Scotland beautiful campaign.

This will be the 8th time the beach clean has been carried out and once again the rotary club are looking for volunteers to help them clean up the litter that has gathered on the beach over the winter.

Over the past seven years the Rotary Club have made a great impact. On the regular beaches there has been a great reduction in litter compared with previous years. In 2007 they collected over 850 bags of rubbish off Ayrshire’s Beaches. In 2013, helped by a spell of friendly offshore winds, they only collected 400 bags – but this winter’s winds have been less then friendly, and they anticipate a larger haul in 2014.

Overall Rotarians have made a huge difference, with a massive reduction of 40% in the litter found on Ayrshire beaches over the past seven years.

Well over 40 volunteers turned out last year. Each year the Rotary have had great support from youth clubs, schools, OIR, walking groups, friends and neighbours and now have a small number of “regulars” who turn up every year.

They welcome anyone interested in having a few hours of gentle fresh-air exercise, fun - and a lot of satisfaction. Come along and join us on Saturday 5 April at 10 am at Ainslie Car Park.

Do come equipped with gardening gloves (or marigolds!), warm clothing and stout footwear.

South Ayrshire Council will supply a limited number of litter tongs and gloves – and an unlimited supply of black bin bags.

The Council will also uplift all the litter that is collected.