Girvan club reaches out to community

Girvan Juniors FC is drawing up plans to bring all of the town’s football teams together into one organisation playing their games at a massively upgraded Hamilton Park ground.

In what could mean a major boost for sports clubs and facilities in the town, the club’s initiative has already been discussed with the Scottish Football Association.

First, though, it must win the support of all of Girvan’s other football interests, ranging from local youth, school and girls’ clubs to junior teams.

The aim is to encourage them to agree to the formation of a single umbrella organisation which would become an official SFA “Community Club”.

This in turn could lead, amongst other benefits, to the attraction of external funding for a big upgrade of Hamilton Park which would become the home ground of all the organisations involved.

Now the club has brought in Callum Yorke, who was responsible for setting up the “Honest Men’s Trust” for Ayr United and revamping their youth set up with its successful football academy,as an adviser. He will work with the Seasiders’ physiotherapist and committee member Lynne Peacock in an effort to attract new sponsors and to bring all the local clubs into the fold of Girvan FC. Once that is done the way will be clear for improvements to be made to Hamilton Park and for the youth and junior teams to be able to play there.

Lynne said “The club does some fantastic work with the kids. Now we want to improve the facilities at Hamilton Park and get the schools and local teams involved so that people feel more a part of us and I’m glad to say we have already had a positive response from around the area. We have a vision for Girvan FC and we have a lot to offer the community”.