Girvan dispute is played out to a national audience

Janet Perrie with one of her dogs at the Dipple Cottage property last year.
Janet Perrie with one of her dogs at the Dipple Cottage property last year.

An ugly row that broke out last year at the Dipple cottages near Girvan was shown to a national audience this week.

The final episode of the Channel 5 series “The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door” which aired on Tuesday May 6, showcased the major dispute between tenants Janet Perrie and Fiona Hope and landlord Colin Burns as well as fellow residents.

An audience of 1.5m tuned in on Tuesday night to see the war that had escalated at 1 Dipple cottage.

The documentary showed how the problems between the tenants, the landlord and fellow residents kicked off almost immediately after the pair moved in the summer of last year.

Mr Burns had been informed that the pair were dog lovers and were going to be bringing a few of them to live at the property.

However, within 24 hours of the pair moving neighbours were phoning Mr Burns to complain about the noise from 22 dogs, including rottweilers that were living in cages in the back garden.

Mr Burns said in the show: “I got complaints from neighbours about the howling from the dogs at 1, 3, 5, 7 in the morning.”

Only three days after Janet and Fiona moved in, an enviromental health team turned up to see about the dogs living on the premises. However, neighbours complaints were dismissed.

And that’s when fellow Dipple cottage residents turned their anger onto Mr Burns saying he was to blame for bringing them into a peaceful area.

However Mr Burns said: “I felt lied to, I was told there were going to be a few dogs, not 30 rottweilers.”

He paid an unnanounced visit to the property but was met with anger from the pair.

The pair did hold their hands up and say that the back garden was a mess but a second attempt by Colin Burns to repossess was deemed invalid by a solicitor.

Then a new problem started which fuelled neighbours anger even more- that of dog excrement being left in the back garden and in wheelbarrows at the front of the house.

Neighbours vented their anger at Colin and told him he was no longer welcome at the cottages. The documentary showed Colin standing outside the properties whilst almost being hit by a car.

However, Janet and Fiona were finally convinced to leave after they became suspicious that neighbours had been leaving raw meat in their back garden to try and cause harm to the dogs and the pair moved onto an undisclosed address in November last year.

Colin ended the documentary saying that if he knew how many dogs were actually going to be living at the property he would never have rented to them.