Girvan firefighters praised for dedicated service

Pictured left is Firefighter Stuart White and right, Crew Manager Robert McMillan
Pictured left is Firefighter Stuart White and right, Crew Manager Robert McMillan

Two Firefighters have been awarded for their dedication after 22 years service in Girvan.

Firefighter Stuart White and Crew Manager Robert McMillan joined the Fire Service at Girvan in 1993 and have provided dedicated service to the local community as Retained Duty System (RDS) firefighters.

Both were given long service and good conduct medals during a ceremony attended by family and fellow crew members at Girvan Community Fire Station.

Area Manager Jim Scott said: “I must commend Robert and Stuart for their commitment to the safety of the Girvan community, and the wider communities of Ayrshire. Responding to emergencies by pager from a primary place of employment or home is a significant commitment.

“In addition, this is a commitment for the whole family as RDS Firefighters must be able to respond to an emergency quickly when they are available.

“Over the last 22 years, these officers have attended thousands of incidents within South Ayrshire and this level of dedication will never be overlooked.”

And serving as a reminder of the dangerous and challenging job Firefighters face across Scotland on a daily basis to assure the public are protected, the ceremony also marked the early retirement of Crew Manager McMillan from Scottish Fire and Rescue Service following an injury sustained whilst attending an emergency in the local community.

Crew Manager McMilllan said” “I have loved my job in the fire service and going to incidents when you are unsure what you are going to be faced with.

“It’s a huge challenge. I will miss the team spirit and camaraderie. I enjoyed the challenge of being promoted to Crew Manager and looking after the team.

“It’s a great bunch of people and even though I’m sorry to be leaving, I won’t be a stranger and I know the community are in safe hands when they need our help.”