Girvan girl a champion at chess

Carolina Espinosa Cancino, six, has won two Scottish chess chamopionships
Carolina Espinosa Cancino, six, has won two Scottish chess chamopionships

A six-year-old schoolgirl from Girvan has won two junior chess titles in the space of just one month this year.

Carolina Espinosa Cancino, a pupil at Sacred Heart Primary school in Girvan, first won the Scottish Junior Chess Tournament 2016 on February 13.

It is a national age championship in Airdrie, where Carolina competed in the under nine section, and played for five arduous hours against her older competitors before taking the title.

She later went on to win the Croy under 600 Junior title in Lanarkshire on February 21.

Carolina comes from a long line of chess champions and was taught by her dad, Jose Miguel Espinosa.

She is following in the footsteps of her older siblings, Miguel, Cristina, and Monica, who have all seen international chess playing success.

Carolina’s mum, Cristina, is extremely proud of her young daughters achievements already.

She said: “Carolina began chess tournaments of this season from August 2015 to July 2016. After four months, she had an amazing performance and she is the 1st ranked girl in the Grade Rise category among all Scottish active chess players from 5-18 years old.

“The practice of chess promotes values such as tolerance, critical thinking and self-esteem.

“Carolina knows that chess is a game of strategy that requires concentration of attention, memory, creativity, imagination, sense of responsibility and emotional-control.

“Carolina knows that talent is 10 percent of the base and the remaining 90 percent is work.

“We truly believe that chess is everything; art, science and sport in the Espinosa-Cancino family.”