Girvan group is rewarded

Girvan group Adventure Centure for Education have been rewarded with a fantastic sum of money.

Ahead of this years Children in Need on Friday 15 November, the Girls R Ace initiative has been given £37,500 by Children In Need over the next three years.

The group which is headed by Rachael Grenter encourages young women to get into adventure sports and currently boasts 120 members.

Chris Saunders ,ACE Manager was delighted to see further support to keep these women active.

He said: “The project has focused on encouraging young women to enjoy outdoor activities and build their confidence and self-esteem simultaneously.

“Over the summer we tried out some winter sport training, mountain biking and boarding, which has been very popular not only for developing individuals, but growing role models and matching up buddies for mentoring the younger women entering the programme.”