Girvan hit by torrential floods

Girvan was hit by a huge deluge of floods on Friday as the storm that engulfed most of the Ayrshire coast battered the town.

Flood warnings were issued by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) for the esplanade at Girvan and coastguard teams urgedmotorists and residents to avoid exposed coastal areas during the torrential rain.

High tide peaked around 1.15pm in Girvan and the waves that crashed throughout the day meant that the harbour side was completely engulfed with water.

Golf Course Road in the town was also closed for a short while after 2.30pm due to the extreme weather conditions.

The whole of the Ayrshire coast took a battering three days into the New Year with flood warnings also being put in place in Troon town centre and the coastal routes as well as Prestwick Links road.

South Ayrshire Council sent out flood response to the areas affected between 11am and 2pm and council leader Bill McIntosh personally thanked the staff and multi agency partners for their response to the extreme weather.