Girvan lifeboat called out

Girvan RNLI was called to the assistance of a leaking yacht on Friday.

A crew of seven were summoned to the rescue of the three-man crew of a vessel that had run into trouble due to calm conditions and a engine leak.

Crew member Craig McMillan, of Girvan’s Todd Street, said: “It was a really really flat calm night. There were no heavy seas or anything, so there was no immediate danger.

“By the time we got there it was pitch black, so trying to find them initally was quite difficult. They did have a sail up but, because there was no wind, they were not making headway.”

The team transferred a crew member over the ailing yachtsmen, and he remained on board during their tow to Girvan Harbour – arriving more than four hours after the lifeboat crew had launched.

“It was not the most exciting job in the world but if the weather had been worse it would have been worse,” said Mr McMillan.

“But it was a long old job for the middle of the night!”