Girvan lifeboat visited by mammoth coastal worker

The Girvan Lifeboat station had a very special visitor this week as Adam Short pitched up at the Knockcushan Street station on Sunday.

Adam is currently undertaking the massive task of walking round the entire coast of the United Kingdom and he has been on his journey for almost a year.

Entitled the UK coastal trek, Adam is raising money for the RNLI as well as Save the Children UK. He had struck up an online friendship with Girvan lifeboat crew member Craig Sommerville and the two finally got to meet up on Sunday as he arrived in the town.

On arrival, Adam took time to speak to the Gazette: “I’ve been on the road for almost a year now and it’s been some journey. Nothing in particular actually inspired me to do the trip and I had announced it on Facebook before I had even properly planned it!

“I walked the Camino De Santiago in Spain which is 800km in five weeks and I thought this would be a good new challenge.

“A few people have completed it before but I aiming to become the person that completes it as close to the coast as possible and that’s why I haven’t been on the roads; I’ve been sticking near to the beaches and cliffs.”

It was in March last year Adam began his journey and he has certainly experienced all sorts of weather conditions during his travels.

“Today walking down towards Girvan was absolutely appalling in terms of the rain but other times I have been lucky to have some sunshine.

“It’s certainly been challenging, but there have been people who have been very kind to me, such as the guy up in Cove who had his wife make me tatties and sausages and I also met a lot of ex-Army people in Tarbert who were great.

“My tent actually fell to pieces before Christmas, so it’s been tough to make the best sleeping arrangements every night.

“In terms of how much I can do each day it is down to the conditions but I have tried to average ten miles a day but that was tougher in the winter when it got darker earlier.

“The things I miss the most I have to say would be a good shower and a comfy bed as well as foods such as pizzas considering I’ve just been boiling water and adding packets every night.”

Adam hopes to raise a lot for the two causes both of which he says are worthy.

“The lifeboat guys do a fantastic job and obviously they are based at the coast. When Craig suggested fundraising for the RNLI, I was happy to do so.

“As for Save the Children UK, it’s important we help kids anywhere but I’d love to help our kids here at home first.”

Adam would like to thank the Girvan lifeboat crew for their hospitality as well as Flynn’s Boatyard for providing him with meals and to the Southfield Hotel for putting him up for the night.

He hopes to be finished his journey back along the south coast of England in the next five months and you can donate to his causes by visiting