Girvan man’s documentary to be shown on STV

A still from Jack Warrender's documentary Lost in Transition to be shown on STV on Monday night.
A still from Jack Warrender's documentary Lost in Transition to be shown on STV on Monday night.

A documentary film maker who grew up on a farm in the Stinchar Valley is set to have a half hour film shown on STV next week.

Jack Warrender’s film Lost in Transition is set to be broadcast by the channel on Monday February 23rd at 8pm.

The film is centred around the lost property office in Glasgow and shows the stories behind possessions lost and found.

Jack explained: “The whole idea of filming around a lost property office was instantly quite fun.

“It shows the drama and action of losing something that can mean a lot to someone and also highlights the honesty and morality of the city in handing in items they have found. It also shows the people who work tirelessly in the office such as Jean who is something of an unsung hero.”

Jack got his first break working on a Bollywood film when he was 18 and his career took off from there.

“I was first really interested in photography before I got an odd break working on a Bollywood film which gave me a feel of working on a film set.

“I then came back to Britain and worked my way up and due to my photography interest I was put on the camera side of things.”

Jack worked on several big films including Kick Ass, World War Z and Gravity as a camera operator before he decided he wanted to work on the more creative side of things.

“I wanted to work on the more practical side of things and put the training I had learned on big budget films into much smaller documentary work.

“I was rather indifferent to the whole celebrity side of things on big budget films and you spend a lot of your time travelling in endless hotels.

“The opportunity with STV came about by chance when I was at a film festival over in Budapest.

“I happened to get chatting with Noe Mendelle, who is the director of the Scottish Documentary Institute and we bonded about how she had a thick French accent, yet was director of the SDI and I have a thick English accent yet I am Scottish.

“She asked me if I had any ideas I wanted to pitch for this year and I remembered an idea my friend Peter had wanted to do about the lost property office in London so I spoke to him and asked if he’d like to work it around Glasgow.

“He did so I pitched the idea and was lucky enough to be selected from the shortlist.”

Jack has also just finished working on a prime time series “The Bookie” for BBC one and says he may return to Glasgow in the future.

“My latest project for the BBC has just finished so I am on the look out for work.

“I also just got engaged and it would be nice if I could shift my work contacts and set up base in Glasgow to be back nearer to home but we’ll see what happens.”