Girvan man’s unusual gardening technique

The foxglove plant which Dick Rorison has held up with a splint and a stick.
The foxglove plant which Dick Rorison has held up with a splint and a stick.
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A Girvan man might have accidentally discovered a new gardening technique which saved the life of one of his plants.

Dick Rorison, who lives at Boyle Court bought a foxglove plant a few weeks ago from Gemmell’s Garden centre only for part of it to snap off on his drive home.

Quick thinking Dick parked up outside his home before deciding that all he could do at that time was hold the plant up with a splint and a stick.

To Dick’s amazement, the technique has worked and the plant is now blossoming outside in his greenhouse.

Dick said: “I went and bought this plant but there was an unfortunate incident on the way home.

“A part of it had snapped off and I didn’t want to lose it so I stuck it together with a splint and a stick and that’s all that’s holding it up.

“I’ve been feeding and watering it ever since over the past few weeks and now it has grown almost a foot.

“I can’t quite believe it.”

Dick has another foxglove plant in his garden but it’s flowers have not nearly blossomed as much.

“You look at that foxglove plant over there and it’s flowers are facing downwards but this one being held up by a splint and a stick, it’s flowers are going upwards.

“I’m very keen on the gardening as it keeps me away from watching the rubbish on daytime television and I don’t remember ever seeing a plant being kept up like this ever before.”