Girvan nightclub hit with licence suspension

Girvan’s Flix Fun Bar has had its licence suspended for a month following a council licensing board meeting last week.

And Licensing board chief, councillor Ann Galbraith, told premises licence holder John Stewart that the board had, “seriously considered revoking the licence of these premises”.

The suspension, which came into immediate effect, comes after police chief Eileen Taylor outlined several incidents since Flix re-opened.

Chief Inspector Taylor said: “Since Flix re-opened in September 2014, there have been two serious assaults and six common assaults on the premises.

“Fifty per cent of the serious assaults in the entire ward area over the last year took place at this premises.

“There were no other serious assaults in licensed premises in Girvan.”

Incidents outlined by police included an assault on a 22 year old male on September 28 2014, an assault outside on October 26, a man being assaulted on November 1, a bouncer being allegedly assaulted in December, a fight in February 2015 and an alleged assault on March 21.

Cops also alleged that Mr Stewart and his wife Shona “acted suspiciously” when showing officers CCTV footage in December.

However, solicitor Brian Dunlop outlined the defence for Flix regarding several of the incidents.

He said that the assault on September 28 in fact had taken place “200 yards away on Dalrymple Street at the Bank of Scotland.”

Mr Dunlop then responded about the assault on October 26 saying door stewards had already removed the instigator from the premises before telling the board that staff weren’t informed of a man being assaulted on November 1 so therefore they couldn’t report it to the police.

The solicitor then said that the bouncer who had allegedly been assaulted on December 14 didn’t inform staff about the attack until the next day.

Mr Dunlop also said the Stewart’s were not acting suspiciously when showing police CCTV footage.

He said: “There was no reason to believe they were making an attempt to cover up the recordings to the officers.

“Mrs Stewart hadn’t operated the CCTV system before so it was unfamiliar to her.”

Mr Dunlop then said that police had been called to deal with a fight at the end of February which resulted in a man punching a jukebox. An alleged assault on March 21 was also recorded in the premises incident book.

Mr Dunlop also outlined that additional CCTV had been installed and that Mr Stewart was much happier with his new stewarding arrangements. A new dress code had also been recently introduced.

The board adjourned before Chair Ann Galbraith summed up the suspension.

She said: “I’d like to think there would be a great change of behaviour in these premises.”