Girvan nightclub is on the market

The iconic Jesters nightclub in Girvan has been put on the market by Sandra Horne, who has owned the premises for the past 15 years.

Sandra, who also owns and runs the Southfield Hotel in The 
Avenue, said that she is looking to semi-retire.

She told the Gazette: “I am basically looking to be semi-retired. I have had the business for 15 years and I feel it is time to move on and bring in some new blood to the club.”

Sandra hopes to sell the business to somebody local and also revealed that her six sons are all doing their own thing so it wouldn’t be feasible to hand over the reins to one of them at the moment.

“It would be good if somebody local bought it and I think it will be. My six boys are all 
doing their own thing now.”

Since opening in 1988, Jesters has undergone many 
changes and Sandra has been a big part of that, having taken over in 1998. However, she has taken more of a back seat in 
recent years.

“For the past seven, eight years, I have only really organised the staff wages and the 
alcohol orders – all the rest has been done by the staff in the premises.

“I hope the person who takes over is passionate and energetic and has passion for music and entertainment.

“I have really enjoyed my time with Jesters and I wouldn’t have spent 15 years there if I didn’t but I’m obviously older now than when I bought the place.”

The club is currently open until 2.30am on Friday and Saturday nights and is still popular with weekend night-lifers.

Sandra said: “It’s a brilliant family club and if you go you will find all age groups in it.

“All my family have worked in it and we try to make it a friendly club and it’s become a real fabric of the town over the years. Friday nights are a bit quieter now but I think that’s the same everywhere. We’re still busy on Saturday nights as that’s the night people go out on the town.

“Jesters is a great place to come and meet everybody and make arrangements for your own party nights. It really is a great social place for Girvan.”

And the Girvan businesswoman spoke of the loyalty some of her staff have shown to her and Jesters.

“I’ve had two girls work for me for 10 years in the place and they think its great working 
behind the bar as they see it like a night out.”

Sandra says that she also considered selling the Southfield Hotel earlier this year but has now realised this is what she wants to do.

“I thought about selling the Southfield as well but I realised about six months ago that this was the place that suited me the best as I become semi-retired,” Sandra added.