Girvan pool design pulls in punters

Trustees Dermot Forte, Ken Johnston, John Mclean, Andrew Sinclair, Winifred Wright, Gus Collins and architect Colin Glover.  CG 2711105 12
Trustees Dermot Forte, Ken Johnston, John Mclean, Andrew Sinclair, Winifred Wright, Gus Collins and architect Colin Glover. CG 2711105 12

GIRVAN’S multi-faceted facility has attracted visitors en masse - and it isn’t even built yet.

Community members turned out to have their say on design plans for the new £8 million building when they went on display at the Carrick Buildings on Tuesday.

Having opened to the public at 12pm the session had received around 10 inquisitive individuals within the first hour, and numbers quickly grew over lunch.

Visitors took the opportunity to hear about the plans from the buildings architects, and from South Carrick Community Leisure (SCCL) trustees, and to ask their questions and raise any concerns. They were able to handle a model of the building and see how facilities including a 25 metre, six-lane swimming pool; gathering space; soft playground; fitness suite; café and restaurant would be laid out.

SCCL chairman Andrew Sinclair said he welcomed the public’s views. “We are delighted this day has come and we are able to show the design to the public,” he said.

“We want to deliver the best possible outcomes for the people of Carrick and with public input we can do just that.”

SCCL board member Ken Johnstone added: “It can only be good for the town. Now the hard work continues as we head into a new phase, and ask or the support of the community for our endeavours.”

The comments gathered from Tuesday’s consultation will help shape the project’s business plan, which is expected to be finalised within the next few weeks.

Visitor Jim Blane said: “The design looks most impressive. Something like that will benefit the town immensely. We have suffered for the lack of a large hall for a very long time, and we need a large space.”

Wife Anne added: “The design itself is spectacular. Anything that brings people to the town and generates more money within the town is great.”

Campbell Thomson was similarly pleased to see plans progressing. “I used to attend the old swimming pool ever since I retired,” he said.

“I had been going there every day for about 12 years and I thought when that was finished that was it for Girvan, we would never see another. I am absolutely delighted it is taking shape.”

But community councillors Betty McQuiston and Cathie Collins had reservations about some aspects of the design.

“I feel buses bring in a lot of money and visitors but there is no bus parking space,” said Cathie. “There are some things like that that I’m not completely happy with.”

Betty added: “I’m not sure about the restaurant because you have got to consider other businesses in the area. We had a restaurant at the Beach Pavilion and it didn’t work.

“But overall it looks really good, and it’s a good idea. You must interact with the community and I do hope the community attended.”