Girvan Primary school want your old coppers

Girvan Primary School is launching an appeal this week to ask locals to hand in any old copper coins they may have.

If people in Girvan and the surrounding towns and villages in Carrick have any coppers (one and two pence coins) that pre-date the year of 1982, then the school would be delighted to hear from you.

The reason for the school’s request is to help them out with their science week, entitled STEM which begins on Tuesday 27 May after the Bank Holiday weekend.

Any parents, grandparents or relatives who have children at the school can give their coppers to their kids in order to be handed in at the school.

Or for those that don’t have any kids at the school but wish to help out with the project, you can hand in your copper coins to the main office at the school which is situated in the town’s Wesley Road.