Girvan probus club treated to talk on Mercy Ships

On Tuesday 11th November members of the Girvan Probus club and their guests were entertained to a very interesting talk on Mercy Ships by Robert McQuiston.

Robert had travelled up from Carsluith near Newton Stewart, complete with his magic lantern to explain the work done by the ‘African Mercy’ a converted car ferry.

The ship is fully equipped with every form of medical surgeries you could think of and is manned in the main by volunteers.

Apparently the ship’s captain must be paid under maritime law and receives 50p which he normally spends on his daily cup of coffee.

The ship travels around the west coast of Africa spending on average three months in each port giving the locals as much medical help possible.

Top surgeons give up part of their holidays to fly in and perform as many operations as they can within the confines of the ship which naturally being afloat can put off shore should a difficult situation arise in the country.

Probus Chairman Norrie Reid gave a vote of thanks to Robert McQuiston for his excellent talk on this most interesting subject.