Girvan registration saga rumbles on

The residents of Carrick are still without a proper registration service, almost six months on from when the sudden suspension first started last year.

Services at the Girvan registration office were said to be temporarily suspended following sudden absences of staff in October 2014, but the situation has still not been resolved.

Girvan and South Carrick councillor Alec Clark has taken up the issue and said this week: “The answer council management have given is akin to kicking the problem into the long grass which to me and the people of Carrick is unacceptable.

“Many folk in Carrick are in the predicament of not being able to access the important service with ease when it is most needed.

“I hope that this situation will be given a much higherlevel of priority to allow for the social inclusion of residents in Carrick.”

Services at the office in Knockcushan Street are only available on a Tuesday morning currently with Carrick residents having to travel up to Ayr at any other time during the week to register a birth, death or marriage.

For residents in Ballantrae that means a 60-mile round trip to carry out what should be a fairly straightforward task.

Council bosses insist they are monitoring the situation at the Girvan office.

Ralph Riddiough, South Ayrshire Council’s Head of Legal and Democratic Services said: “Our registration service continues to make the best possible use of the limited resources available, with the Tuesday morning service in Girvan complemented by a full service delivered from our registration office in Ayr.

“ We know this isn’t ideal and we’re sorry for the inconvenience to our residents in the Carrick area and thank them for their co-operation and support.

“We’re monitoring the situation closely so we ensure we continue to use our resources where they’re most needed by our communities.”