Girvan road needs urgent attention

What drivers and walkers have to currently negotiate in Harbour Lane.
What drivers and walkers have to currently negotiate in Harbour Lane.

A Girvan resident is calling for urgent action to be taken to stop the pothole misery which blights the back of their house.

The resident, who asked not to be named, said they had initially contacted South Ayrshire Council almost a year ago to ask for repairs to Harbour Lane but still no action has been taken.

The lane is littered with potholes and has steadily got worse in recent months making it a nightmare for drivers and pedestrians alike.

The resident said: “I contacted the council’s roads department almost a year ago on this to come and fix the potholes but it’s just getting worse.

“Now we’re coming into the winter again and Harbour Lane has been completely neglected.

“I pay my rates so why should I have to put up with the roads being in a state like this?

“I doubt Mr Trump would stand for this at Turnberry.

“It has become an absolute nightmare and there is an accident waiting to happen.

“I see the elderly people walking to the chapel on a Saturday night for the services and it’s shocking that they have to walk over that.

“All I’m asking for is from one give way sign to the other give way sign to be repaired.”

The Gazette contacted the Ayrshire Roads Alliance for a response to the concerns.

Stewart Turner, the Head of the Roads Alliance said: “The Ayrshire Roads Alliance is aware of the concerns of the local community and has arranged for a full inspection of the Harbour Lane area. Several other streets will also be inspected within Girvan at the same time.

“Once the inspector has concluded his inspection, works will be undertaken where required.”

The Gazette has been along the road and it certainly isn’t a pleasant driving or walking experience in the slightest. Our pictures opposite give a small indication of the repairs needed.