Girvan’s bingo hall under the spotlight again

Urgent action is being demanded on Girvan's former bingo hall/cinema.
Urgent action is being demanded on Girvan's former bingo hall/cinema.

Girvan’s former bingo hall is once again under the spotlight this week with nearby residents calling for urgent action.

Residents living close to the building are at the end of their tether at having to put up with pigeons, flies and even vermin such as rats.

The Gazette attended a meeting along with residents and Councillors Alec Clark and Alec Oattes as well as building control and environmental health officers from South Ayrshire Council last week. Residents’ concerns were duly listened to with one even breaking down in tears at the fact the fly infestation makes it even impossible for her grandkids to come and see her.

The council say they are working with all the powers they have but responsibility lies with the owner.

Mike Newell, the council’s head of Neighbourhood services said: “We have been liaising closely with local residents affected by this and, within the powers available to us, have taken appropriate action.

“This has included emergency works to make the building safe when there has been a potential threat to public safety and treatment to address problems with rats and mice. However, the maintenance of the building and responsibility for its condition rests with the owner – not South Ayrshire Council.

“We’re also treating the property again to address concerns about vermin. We remain committed to doing all we can in line with our statutory responsibilities and hope the owner will take the necessary action to resolve these problems, which have been ongoing for local residents for some time.”

The Gazette understands that both building control and environmental health have written to owner Ms Frances Auyeung who is based in London asking her to carry out urgent repairs.

The Gazette has also written to Ms Auyeung asking her to clarify her position to residents but she has not yet responded to our questions.