Girvan’s Christmas lights spark fury

The lights in Dalrymple Street.
The lights in Dalrymple Street.

Girvan residents have voiced their anger this week over the Christmas lights display in the town centre.

Locals took to Facebook to vent their frustration at certain lights not working since being turned on at the Girvan Christmas street party.

The council say that the problems with certain lights have now been fixed and pointed out that in other towns, other groups take responsibility for their lights.

Mike Newall, Head of Neighbourhood Services for South Ayrshire Council said: “We provide the same level of Christmas lights in Girvan now as we have in previous years. Some villages and towns do have additional Christmas light decorations which have been provided by community groups or business associations. There was a fault with the electrical supply to the Christmas lights in Girvan which has now been fixed.”

However, the reaction of Girvan people was clear on Facebook.

Andrew Irvine said: “Very poor lights and as usual most of them not working. Always disappointing each year and everyone talks about how poor the display is. Even smaller towns have better displays and unfortunately this has been the case for years.”

Ken Johnstone, Chairman of Girvan and District Community Council said: “We tried to secure extra funding but failed to secure it. The fact that the majority of the lights around Stumpy seemed to have only worked for a couple of days and have not been repaired is disappointing. Responsibilty lies with South Ayrshire Council.”