Girvan set for ‘Cycle Wild’ garden at Academy site

'Bike Man' on display at Girvan Community Garden.
'Bike Man' on display at Girvan Community Garden.

Two well known Girvan community groups are working together to create a new ‘Cycle Wild’ garden which will be situated at Girvan Academy.

Girvan Community Garden and ACE (the Adventure Centre for Education) are working partnership on the garden which was started by ACE in March this year.

This was after a successful funding application from Greenspace Scotland, Big Lottery fund and Kew Botanical Gardens which collectively forms part of the Grow Wild Campaign which ran throughout Scotland.

It is a campaign to bring people and communities together to sow, grow and support native wild flowers in the United Kingdom.

Grow Wild particularly aims to engage young people by providing direct opportunities to get involved and take action which can be found at

The new community garden will provide the beating heart at the centre of the recently created bike track situated in Girvan Academy grounds.

Initial work has already started.

Earlier this year ACE and GCG visited a group of Girvan Academy pupils who decided the garden should be a wheel design with eight inner sections that would represent the ‘spokes’ of the wheel.

Local groups and organisations will be allocated a section to create their own ‘inner’ garden.

Future plans include developing an exciting ‘barefoot walk’ around the perimeter of the garden.

To celebrate the start of this new project a special ‘bike man’ sculpture has been created from old bike frames, tyres and bits and pieces from bikes that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Visitors can come along to the community garden and see the ‘bike man’ sculpture for a short period of time before he gets moved to his permanent home at Girvan Academy.

Opening hours are: Mon- 1-4pm, Tues - 9-2pm, Wed 12-4pm. Sat - 1-4pm and Sun 1-5pm.

Anyone who would like to help the project in any way please get in touch with the project manager, can e-mail Rachael or e-mail