Girvan set for spruce up

Girvan is in line for a spruce-up.
Girvan is in line for a spruce-up.

Girvan town centre is set to soon reap the rewards of a big repainting job which is designed to improve the image of the main shopping areas.

South Ayrshire Council’s regulatory panel rubber stamped the scheme at a meeting on Thursday 29 August.

Up to 55 properties are set to benefit from the proposals which £50,000 was set aside for.

Councillors didn’t take too long to decide that the scheme should be given the go-ahead.

Troon Councillor Nan McFarlane praised the work done by Girvan Community Council.

“I think this is an excellent scheme and I think the community council in Girvan should be congratulated for the work they have done. I have absolutely no problems in supporting this scheme.”

And chair of the regulatory panel Peter Convery said: “I am delighted that this scheme is going ahead for Girvan and it will be a boost for the town.

“It would be good if other towns and areas in Ayrshire were able to do something similar.”

The repainting of the shop fronts will benefit bulidings and properties in four of Girvan’s town centre streets which are the main shopping route (Dalrymple Street) and the nearby streets of Hamilton Street, Bridge Street and Knockushan Street.

When the scheme was mooted earlier in the year, only half of the eligible businesses applied, but this has now increased.

Businesses and residential closes who were in the planning application will be able to receive grants of up to £500.

A colour palette scheme has also been agreed by those involved which consisted of eight groups.

Some properties will be repainted in the same colours they have at the moment whilst others will see a change.

The plans have been welcomed by local businesses.

Councillor Alec Clark who owns the Girvan Gift Shop and The Sweetie Shop said: “I think it will be excellent for the town and I am delighted it has been passed by the council. Hopefully we’ll see the benefits in Spring 2014.”

Gloria Miller, owner of Tartans said: “I’ve delayed work till this was passed so I’m hoping this will give a great new look.”