Girvan set to be loud and proud

Everyone involved in this year’s Gig on the Green believes that this is indeed a fantastic show with which to bring the curtain down on what has been a great five years of bringing excellent bands and musicians to Girvan.

The Trust would like to thank all local and established bands and our sponsors for supporting the gigs and helping to raise funds for local youth work. They would also like to thank the local organisations and the general public for helping to establish what was supposed to be a ‘ one off ‘ fundraiser in 2009.

The fact that they have managed to provide this annual musical festival free of charge is testimony to the goodwill on the part of the bands and musicians, their success in securing various sponsors and the ‘in kind’ support extended by a great many local businesses and companies.

Costs are, however, increasing and the current recession is having an negative impact on the matter of sponsorship and the return on the community-wide raffle, this is primarily the reason behind the decision for change.

Music remains a major part of our community role with ‘deckchairs, music and dancing’ being reintroduced on the prom every Sunday from June 30 to August 18. Longer term plans also include helping to renovate and re-establish the Bandstand.

Whilst this year will indeed mark the end of the Gig on the Green, it is hoped that this year’s attendance will also reflect the need and the public’s growing support towards re-establishing the Bandstand to its previous glory of being the main venue for free public entertainment on Girvan Esplanade.

The young people who have helped organise this year’s event have certainly secured an excellent line up of established bands and musicians, but they need the people of Girvan to help support this free event by purchasing a (£1 ) raffle ticket. The raffle is a major factor in this festival and, as such, the Trust would welcome support in ensuring that the raffle tickets are sold.

Of equal importance for the whole community to turn out in a show of strength towards the community’s need and vision for the return of music to the Bandstand.